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    fun pk

    I think it would be a cool and interactive community game for players on the server if there was a fun pk system implemented. i've seen it done, it would go something like this. an announcement would go out for players to enter the fun pk waiting room, it would tell you what kind of tournament it was and what the prize for winning it was. ( blood money, awesome weapon, or amour) Main pking: everyone in the waiting room would be set to max stats and get a choice of weapons and amour to pk with Pure pking, berserker: etc etc different stats and weapons for each build. everyone would enter a 1v1 match with all players that entered the tournament, they'd duke it out round by round until the final 2 battled for the prize, single elimination. players fight beside each other in their different squares. ( picture from the OSRS deadman mode final)
  3. Gilded King

    Zulrah guide

    Quick guide to Zulrah by Gilded King. requirements: 80 + hp ( zulrah will hit high if prayers arent correctly implemented, snaklings will hit high too) 80 + ranged for efficiency 43 + prayer ( higher the better to not always pot up) items: decent ranged gear, rune c bow ( Blowpipe for faster kills) 2 rings or recoil or a pet to block snaklings ( or both for safety) 2 ranged pots - 10-15 sara brews - 5-10 super restores ------------------------------------------------------------------------- before entering Zulrah pot up and make sure health is full stats are maxed and praying ranged as it always starts off ranged. Blue Zulrah = Mage Red Zulrah = Melee Green Zulrah = Ranged as soon as you get into the fight, move your character to the top right corner of the island. this will avoid most snakelings and you'll have enough reach to fight zulrah's forms where ever they spawn. make sure to pray the correct protection prayers corresponding to the colors shown above. once you get the system mastered the boss is cake, GL
  4. Event key drops: large quantity of skilling supplies ( event bosses take a while to kill) 1000 -3000 ores, bars, uncooked food. elite clue scroll drop table items for rarity pvm & boss shop items. gilded dragon armour set dragon hunter lance pvp armours high quantity of runes ( cosmics especially)
  5. Update Log 29/01/23 In the last week we have been hard at work mainly finishing CoX but have also done a bunch of other things during our updates. Chamber of Xeric has been released. You can get there by using the teleport in the minigames tab. Venture into the chambers defeating a series of monsters alone or with a team; with a chance at being rewarded with a bunch of newly introduced items! Items added as rare rewards from Chamber of Xeric. Twisted bow, Staff of light, Elder chaos top, Elder chaos robe, Elder chaos hood, Twisted buckler, Kodai insignia, Dragon sword, Dragon hunter crossbow, Dinh's bulwark, Ancestral hat, Ancestral robe top, Ancestral robe bottom, Dragon harpoon, Dragon thrownaxe. You can craft a Kodai wand by using a Kodai insignia on a Master wand. Added NPCs and objects to Edgeville and given the ability to switch your home between Edgeville and Zeah. You can change this at any time using the ::sethome command. Redone most spawns in Nieve's slayer dungeon. Reworked the donator credit stores. Reworked the vote store, adding in new rares only avaliable by voting. Amulet of glory now allows you to teleport whilst in or below level 30 wilderness. Gave Vesta's longsword a special attack. You can now find Nurse Sarah at home, talk to her and she will restore your health. Added killcount tracking and PvM points to Revenants. Bandos godsword now only uses 50% special attack energy instead of 100%. Fixed Kraken's lair just being all black with whirlpools on the ground. Clue scrolls can no longer be equipped. Mining now gives mining skill points upon mining an ore or essence. All rocks at the Wilderness skilling area are now mineable. Baby Dragons now drop babydragon bones. Quest Tab has been overhauled to be more user friendly and appealing. Achievements interface has been overhauled to make it easier when tracking achievements. Rigour and Augury have been added, you can get the scrolls to unlock these from Chambers of Xeric.
  6. Update Log 22/01/23 As those of you in the Discord have already seen, we have had a whole host of new content, bug fixes and more. Below is a list of everything we have been working on over the last few weeks. On behalf of the Tetra Staff Team I would like to thank you all for continuing to support Tetra. Boss Event has been added. Currently with 1 of 3 possible enraged boss spawning randomly at 1 of 5 possible locations every hour. These event bosses drop an Event Key, which will be usable on the Event Chest at home once we finish off the amazing loot tables for the chest! Highscores have been cleared and connection has been re-established. Your stats will appear on the highscore page the next time you log out. Redone item definitions for over 10,000 items due to incorrect note items etc. The vote links have been updated and are all now fully functional. Don't forget to ::vote every 12 hours for great rewards whilst helping us grow! The bonecrusher now crushes bone drops when you have it in your inventory. The right click options on the Slayer Masters now correctly perform the appropriate actions, giving assignments and opening the shop. Edited login messages, giving players more up to date information when they login. Now announces when a player logs in for the first time and when they login in general. Dragon darts are now thrown as expected. Added the ::discord command. All claws now equip correctly. Super Antipoison can now be drunk and has the correct effect. Ranging skillscape now gives Ava's accumulator effect. Spinach rolls can now be eaten. Brine sabre now equips correctly. Revenant cave has been fixed and added, the teleport in the PvM teleport tab will take you outside the level 40 wilderness cave entrance. Revenants have been added, there is a decent amount of revenants spawning. New items have been added and are dropped by the revenants. These items include Vesta's, Statius's and Zuriel's staff. Bracelet of Ethereum has been added as a revenant drop along with Revenant Ether. You can charge the bracelet using the ether, when worn the bracelet stops 75% of damage from revenants. Every attack from a revenant will reduce the amount of charges. If you die with the bracelet it becomes uncharged and drops any ether. Renamed NPC's at ::shops to be more inline with what they sell. Using a Pestle and Mortar on Lava Scales now makes Lava Scale Shards. Venenatis drop table has been added and now drops items. Bonds now give the correct amount of complimentary credits. Fixed Zulrah and some other bosses not spawning following the addition of the Revenant cave to the teleport tab. Added the healing effect to revenants, when they drop below 50% in health there is a 25% chance they'll heal. Craw's bow has been added as a drop to revenants. This bow must be charged with revenant ether but doesn't require arrows. You need to activate it with 1000 revenant ether. If you die with the charged version the 1000 ether will be lost and any other charges dropped as usual. The bow grants a 50% accuracy/damage bonus when used in the wilderness. The bow must have more than 1000 charges in it to function. Wilderness drops will now be announced. So watch out for those pk'ers!
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