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  2. Leslie i'm 26 99 is my ingame name, feel free to ask anythingggggg Age: 26 Timezone: central u.s.a Previous experience: ive been server staff before...i've also done co ownership and advertising Why do you want to be staff on Tetra?: to hel[p bring ppl to the ecomony Why should we pick you over other applicants?: experience and i'm always on Do you understand the role of a Server Support?: yes How long have you played Tetra?: everyday for the last month Additional information:
  3. Huggybear


    A few extra questions I threw together to add to the pool of trivia. Q: What is Brassica Prime the God of? A: Cabbage Q: How many bosses are located in the Wilderness? A: 8 Q: What Army does Kree'Arra belong to? A: Armadyl Q: What Army does Zilyana belong to? A: Saradomin Q: What Army does K'ril Tsutsaroth belong to? A: Zamorak Q: What Army does General Graardor belong to? A: Bandos Q: How many types of Revenants are in the wildy cave? A: 11 Q: How many tentacles does the Kraken have? A: 5 Q: What cosmetic set can you buy from the Triva NPC? A: Gravedigger Q: How many vote points does a mystery box cost? A: 22 Q: Who is the Artisan of the Chambers of Xeric? A: Tekton (Just realized CoX wasn't on the server :P)
  4. Hello and welcome to my 1-99 Woodcutting and Firemaking guide 😀 To start off head over to the shop teleport (Statue to the east of the home teleport) Once here open the skilling store and buy 1 x iron axe, 1x rune axe and a tinderbox Now go to the teleports tab > skilling > woodcutting and you are ready to start!!! Level 1-15 ~~ Chop Regular Logs Level 15-45 ~~ Chop Oak Logs Level 45-60 ~~ Chop Maple Logs Level 60-75 ~~ Chop Yew Logs Level 75-99 ~~ Run south of the woodcutting teleport and chop Magic Logs until 99 Very simple and self explanitory, goodluck on 99 Woodcutting!
  5. After attempting to get the Cali pet for some time, I reached my limit. I may come back to it eventually, but I will move on to bigger and better bosses. (I still think that drop rate is rigged, Eddie)
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