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    A few extra questions I threw together to add to the pool of trivia. Q: What is Brassica Prime the God of? A: Cabbage Q: How many bosses are located in the Wilderness? A: 8 Q: What Army does Kree'Arra belong to? A: Armadyl Q: What Army does Zilyana belong to? A: Saradomin Q: What Army does K'ril Tsutsaroth belong to? A: Zamorak Q: What Army does General Graardor belong to? A: Bandos Q: How many types of Revenants are in the wildy cave? A: 11 Q: How many tentacles does the Kraken have? A: 5 Q: What cosmetic set can you buy from the Triva NPC? A: Gravedigger Q: How many vote points does a mystery box cost? A: 22 Q: Who is the Artisan of the Chambers of Xeric? A: Tekton (Just realized CoX wasn't on the server :P)
  2. After attempting to get the Cali pet for some time, I reached my limit. I may come back to it eventually, but I will move on to bigger and better bosses. (I still think that drop rate is rigged, Eddie)
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