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  1. Hello and welcome to my 1-99 Woodcutting and Firemaking guide 😀 To start off head over to the shop teleport (Statue to the east of the home teleport) Once here open the skilling store and buy 1 x iron axe, 1x rune axe and a tinderbox Now go to the teleports tab > skilling > woodcutting and you are ready to start!!! Level 1-15 ~~ Chop Regular Logs Level 15-45 ~~ Chop Oak Logs Level 45-60 ~~ Chop Maple Logs Level 60-75 ~~ Chop Yew Logs Level 75-99 ~~ Run south of the woodcutting teleport and chop Magic Logs until 99 Very simple and self explanitory, goodluck on 99 Woodcutting!
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