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Rumple's Server Support Application

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Application Format

IRL name: Zach
In-game name: Rumple
Age: 23
Timezone: Newfoundland
Previous experience: Have played OSRS since 2007, i have a great knowledge base about runescape. Have had staff roles on previous servers ie. ( mod, ss, admin )
Why do you want to be staff on Tetra?: I would like to become staff to help the server's community grow by bringing my knowledge and help to the table.  
Why should we pick you over other applicants?: Because i can bring a lot of experience, time, dedication and help all players to the best of my ability.
Do you understand the role of a Server Support?: Yes
How long have you played Tetra? About a week
Additional information:

Theory Analysis

1. In your own words what is the role of a Server Support?: To assist and help all players in any situations. Also to assist in making staffs life easier by bringing more help to the table.
2. If a new player joined the server and was stuck, what would you do/say to help?: I would tell him to re-log, try home teleport, try ::home, etc. if i have the ability to ::kick i would with players permission.
3. How would you deal with someone who has continued to flame another player after being warned?: Use the permissions i have to stop the player and remove him for the time being. Contact higher staff and tell them the situation to see if anything further needs to be done.


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