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Sky's Server Support Application

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Sky's Server Support Application


IRL name: Darryl

In-game name: Sky

Age: 24

Timezone: UK (GMT+1)

Previous experience: I've been playing on RSPS since some of the first big ones came around in around 2009. I remember playing on Soul Split for around a year and a half and making it to moderator on there. Though this is some time ago. I started playing Runescape back in 2001 and have a reasonable wealth of knowledge regarding the game and various mechanics and such. I've hosted and worked on a lot of admin for smaller servers but also Minecraft servers (different game, but a lot of the same experience applies).

Why do you want to be staff on Tetra?: I think I'll be able to help people out when first starting and to help solve problems that may arise. I've not got the longest play time but I think I've made a good account of myself as a helpful and knowledgeable person. But also primarily to see the server grow and become bigger than it is. I think this server has a very varied and unique community and it would be great to see it flourish and grow. 

Why should we pick you over other applicants?: I would like to think that over my time on the server I've shown a good account at being respectful, committed and helpful person. I would want these qualities to show through in all aspects of my time as part of the community and I think these qualities will be things that new players look for in a server support.

Do you understand the role of a Server Support?: The role of the server support is in the title. My job would be to support the server in all shapes and forms. That could range from anywhere to helping a player find a shop to reminding other players of the rules and enforcing punishments on repeat rule breakers. But also, should be to enjoy the game. The role is a staff role and should be taken seriously but the job isn't to police the server and imposing martial law. It's to help everyone enjoy themselves.

How long have you played Tetra?: Since the 22nd of April. (6 days as of the writing of this application). However, my playtime is 3 days.

Theory Analysis


1. In your own words what is the role of a Server Support?: To support the server. To help anyone who requires assistance but also to make sure that everyone is following the rules, but mostly to make sure everyone is having fun. That's the point of games, to enjoy them.

2. If a new player joined the server and was stuck, what would you do/say to help?: Find out what issue they were having and hope to resolve it in any way I could. As an example, if a player couldn't find a specific shop, I would direct them to that shop. 

3. How would you deal with someone who has continued to flame another player after being warned?: I would firstly mute the player who was being disruptive and then talk to him in a private setting to see why he was acting in such a way. If there was a reason for their aggression then I would try to resolve the issue between the 2 players. If not, give him 15 minutes of being muted to cool off and then unmute him. If he continues to flame then I'd take further action.


Thank you for reading my application, I look forward to reading any feedback you have for me.



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