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Trivia Answers

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Some of Trivia answers [ Not All of Them ]

1. how much does each potion cost to decant  - answer 250
2. how many letters are in the word tetra - answer 5
3. what is the name of the npc that drops wyvern bones - answer  skeletal wyvern
4. what is the maximum amount of friends allowed - answer 200
5. what npc can you talk to if you want to claim a donation - answer tobi
6. what is the required fishing level for sharks - answer 76
7. zamorak is god of - answer chaos
8. eddie is god of - answer tetra
9. what level magic does the spell high alchemy require - answer 55
10. what color party hat does the wise old man wear - answer blue
11. toxic blowpipe is a drop from what npc - answer zulrah 
12. what is the required attack level to wield a godsword - answer 75
13. how much xp do you need in a skill  to prestige - answer 200m
14. what npc helps iron accounts - answer adam
15. what is the name of the altar in training zone - answer altar of bones
16. how man thieving stalls are at home - answer 5
17. what is required level to wear dragon hatchet - answer 61
18. what is required level for smite - answer 52
19. how much money does normal membership cost - answer $10
20. who is the website developer - answer eddie
21. what boss drops the hellpuppy pet - answer cerberus
22. whic boss has 3 heads and breaths fire - answer kbd
23. what is the required defence level to wear dragon armour - answer 60
24. how man time you can prestige on tetra - answer 5
25. anagram odsanb - answer bandos
26. what is # minimum of players to pla weapons game - answer 5
27. what is the short term used for staff of the dead - answer sotd
28. zaros is god of - answer fate
29. which npc holds a 2h sword and wears shield - answer vannaka
30. how many barrows brothers are there - answer 6
31. how many bank booths are in edgeville bank - answer 4
32. how many prayers are there - answer 26
33. what is the minimum required amount to bet against gambler - answer 500k
34. what drops commonly crystal keys - answer ghosts
35. corporeal beast Drops how many onyyx bolts (e) - answer 175
36. saradomin is god of - answer order
37. how many total achievements are there - answer 73
38. who can you talk to if you want to see the npc drop tables   - answer spartan
39. what level includes burning logs -  answer firemaking
40. what ring gives xp and drop rate bonus - answer ring of the gods
41. what rare item does the skeletal warlord drop - answer staff of the dead
42. armadyl is god of - answer justice
43. how man infinity are there - answer 3

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