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Update Roundup - 22/01/23

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Update Log 22/01/23

As those of you in the Discord have already seen, we have had a whole host of new content, bug fixes and more. Below is a list of everything we have been working on over the last few weeks. On behalf of the Tetra Staff Team I would like to thank you all for continuing to support Tetra.


  • Boss Event has been added. Currently with 1 of 3 possible enraged boss spawning randomly at 1 of 5 possible locations every hour. These event bosses drop an Event Key, which will be usable on the Event Chest at home once we finish off the amazing loot tables for the chest!
  • Highscores have been cleared and connection has been re-established. Your stats will appear on the highscore page the next time you log out.
  • Redone item definitions for over 10,000 items due to incorrect note items etc.
  • The vote links have been updated and are all now fully functional. Don't forget to ::vote every 12 hours for great rewards whilst helping us grow!
  • The bonecrusher now crushes bone drops when you have it in your inventory.
  • The right click options on the Slayer Masters now correctly perform the appropriate actions, giving assignments and opening the shop.
  • Edited login messages, giving players more up to date information when they login.
  • Now announces when a player logs in for the first time and when they login in general.
  • Dragon darts are now thrown as expected.
  • Added the ::discord command.
  • All claws now equip correctly.
  • Super Antipoison can now be drunk and has the correct effect.
  • Ranging skillscape now gives Ava's accumulator effect.
  • Spinach rolls can now be eaten.
  • Brine sabre now equips correctly.
  • Revenant cave has been fixed and added, the teleport in the PvM teleport tab will take you outside the level 40 wilderness cave entrance.
  • Revenants have been added, there is a decent amount of revenants spawning.
  • New items have been added and are dropped by the revenants. These items include Vesta's, Statius's and Zuriel's staff.
  • Bracelet of Ethereum has been added as a revenant drop along with Revenant Ether. You can charge the bracelet using the ether, when worn the bracelet stops 75% of damage from revenants. Every attack from a revenant will reduce the amount of charges. If you die with the bracelet it becomes uncharged and drops any ether.
  • Renamed NPC's at ::shops to be more inline with what they sell.
  • Using a Pestle and Mortar on Lava Scales now makes Lava Scale Shards.
  • Venenatis drop table has been added and now drops items.
  • Bonds now give the correct amount of complimentary credits.
  • Fixed Zulrah and some other bosses not spawning following the addition of the Revenant cave to the teleport tab.
  • Added the healing effect to revenants, when they drop below 50% in health there is a 25% chance they'll heal.
  • Craw's bow has been added as a drop to revenants. This bow must be charged with revenant ether but doesn't require arrows. You need to activate it with 1000 revenant ether. If you die with the charged version the 1000 ether will be lost and any other charges dropped as usual. The bow grants a 50% accuracy/damage bonus when used in the wilderness. The bow must have more than 1000 charges in it to function.
  • Wilderness drops will now be announced. So watch out for those pk'ers!




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