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Update Roundup - 29/01/23

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Update Log 29/01/23

In the last week we have been hard at work mainly finishing CoX but have also done a bunch of other things during our updates.


  • Chamber of Xeric has been released. You can get there by using the teleport in the minigames tab. Venture into the chambers defeating a series of monsters alone or with a team; with a chance at being rewarded with a bunch of newly introduced items!
  • Items added as rare rewards from Chamber of Xeric. Twisted bow, Staff of light, Elder chaos top, Elder chaos robe, Elder chaos hood, Twisted buckler, Kodai insignia, Dragon sword, Dragon hunter crossbow, Dinh's bulwark, Ancestral hat, Ancestral robe top, Ancestral robe bottom, Dragon harpoon, Dragon thrownaxe.
  • You can craft a Kodai wand by using a Kodai insignia on a Master wand.
  • Added NPCs and objects to Edgeville and given the ability to switch your home between Edgeville and Zeah. You can change this at any time using the ::sethome command.
  • Redone most spawns in Nieve's slayer dungeon.
  • Reworked the donator credit stores.
  • Reworked the vote store, adding in new rares only avaliable by voting.
  • Amulet of glory now allows you to teleport whilst in or below level 30 wilderness.
  • Gave Vesta's longsword a special attack.
  • You can now find Nurse Sarah at home, talk to her and she will restore your health.
  • Added killcount tracking and PvM points to Revenants.
  • Bandos godsword now only uses 50% special attack energy instead of 100%.
  • Fixed Kraken's lair just being all black with whirlpools on the ground.
  • Clue scrolls can no longer be equipped.
  • Mining now gives mining skill points upon mining an ore or essence.
  • All rocks at the Wilderness skilling area are now mineable.
  • Baby Dragons now drop babydragon bones.
  • Quest Tab has been overhauled to be more user friendly and appealing.
  • Achievements interface has been overhauled to make it easier when tracking achievements.
  • Rigour and Augury have been added, you can get the scrolls to unlock these from Chambers of Xeric.




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