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Gilded King

Zulrah guide

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Quick guide to Zulrah by Gilded King.



80 + hp ( zulrah will hit high if prayers arent correctly implemented, snaklings will hit high too)

80 + ranged for efficiency 

43 + prayer ( higher the better to not always pot up)



decent ranged gear, rune c bow ( Blowpipe for faster kills)

2 rings or recoil or a pet to block snaklings ( or both for safety)

2 ranged pots - 10-15 sara brews - 5-10 super restores 


before entering Zulrah pot up and make sure health is full stats are maxed and praying ranged as it always starts off ranged.

Blue Zulrah = Mage

Red Zulrah = Melee

Green Zulrah = Ranged

as soon as you get into the fight, move your character  to the top right corner of the island. this will avoid most snakelings and you'll have enough reach to fight zulrah's forms where ever they spawn.


make sure to pray the correct protection prayers corresponding to the colors shown above.

once you get the system mastered the boss is cake, GL



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