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Server Update Log - 04/05/2020

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Update Log 04/05/2020

Whilst this update log is not as long as the last, we feel this extra content will improve the player experience across the server. This has been a long but another great week for the server in terms of community growth and engagement. Alongside the below updates we have also got even more content nearly ready for release during the next week or so. Once again on behalf of the Tetra Staff Team I would like to thank you all for continuing to support Tetra.

Chambers of Xeric (Raids)
You can get to raids using the teleport in the Minigames tab

Raids was released yesterday following rigorous staff testing. With a content release such as this it may contain a couple of bugs but we are confident we have ironed most out. Any bugs  you find please let me or one of the staff members know. Grab a couple of players and venture into the Chambers of Xeric, defeating multiple bosses. If completed successfully you will have a chance at receiving a rare raids item as a reward. Don't worry though since the common loot is still worth while! 

Raid Items
Obtainable as a rare reward from completing Chambers of Xeric

Of course along with the release of Chambers of Xeric, the items obtainable as rare rewards also come with it. These items have all their stats but the effects as per OSRS have not yet been added. Items included in this release are as below.

Twisted bow
Twisted buckler

Dinh's bulwark
Elder maul
Kodai insignia
Kodai wand
Dragon hunter crossbow
Ancestral hat, robe top and robe bottom


Bug Fixes

Daily Tasks not awarding the completion bonus has been fixed.
A couple of typos in Daily Tasks have been changed.
Ares boots has been added as a drop to Ares into of Dragon boots.
Pest Control Portals can now be meleed.
Pest Control player respawn location is now correct.





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