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Server Moderator Application [FORMAT]

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Application Rules
All applications must follow the format below or they will be declined.
If you have an application declined you can not apply again for 14 days.
You are not allowed to advertise/ask people to support your application.
You are required to fill in the Theory Analysis as well as the Application Format.

Additional information is NOT required.

Application Format

IRL name:
In-game name:
Previous experience:
Why do you want to be staff on Tetra?:
Why should we pick you over other applicants?:
Do you understand the role of a Server Moderator?:
How long have you played Tetra?:

Additional information:

Theory Analysis

1. In your own words what is the role of a Server Moderator?:
2. If a Server Support needed help with a situation how would you approach it?:
3. How would you deal with someone who was abusing a bug?:

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