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Tetra Rules

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  • Flaming, disrespect, harassment or the use of inappropriate content will not be tolerated and after 3 warnings will result in a 24 hour mute.
  • Spamming, advertising another community or  talking about another server is not permitted and the punishment will be decided accordingly by a staff member.
  • Misleading links, phishing, hacking, DDOS threats or similar actions will not be taken lightly and will result in a permanent IP and account ban.
  • Avoiding a punishment, for example making another account to talk after being muted will result in a harsher and possibly permanent punishment.
  • Using macros or third-party software allowing you to gain levels, money or any advantage will be handled accordingly by staff, possibly resulting in your account be wiped or even ban.
  • Real World Trading (RWT) is not permitted on Tetra, under any circumstance should any goods, accounts or services be traded for real life items or money. This will result in a permanent IP and account ban.
  • Encouraging others to break the rules, whether you know what you're asking/telling someone to do is against the rules or not is not allowed. This could result in both players being punished and the severity of the punishment will be decided accordingly by a staff member.
  • Multi-logging to gain an advantage e.g. using several accounts to kill a boss, player or participating in a minigame is something that will not be taken lightly. Breaking this rule will result in a warning and/or temporary IP ban.
  • Sharing accounts in any way is against our server rules. It is your responsibility to keep your account secure and be the sole owner of that account. If you do this the shared account will be permanently banned and players sharing the account will not be refunded.
  • Scamming is not allowed, e.g. doubling money or impersonating other players. Scamming will result in a temporary/permanent ban depending on the severity of the scam. We do not refund items for scam events that involve giving items to other players for loans, trust trades or in return for "doubled" or any form of profit made.
  • Retracting a donation made to the server will result in a permanent ban. When you donate to the server, you are making a donation not a purchase. As stated on the store page "donations made are non-refundable under any circumstances". 
  • The abuse of a bug, glitch or exploit is strictly prohibited and being caught doing so will result in a permanent IP and account ban. If you find a bug please report it as soon as possible.


The punishments displayed above are simply guidance and can/will be adapted by staff members in accordance to specific situations.


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