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Donations, Ranks & Benefits

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Why should I donate?

Donations are how we keep the server alive, paying for the best possible hosting and other server related bills. Advertising is also a very large cost and donations are how we afford to put up advertisements and gain players. Obviously whilst you allow us to keep the server running and gaining players you'll also be unlocking amazing benefits.

What are Tetra Credits?

Tetra Credits are a currency gained primarily by donating. They are usable in many different ways. The first of which is the Credit Store which can be viewed by trading Tobi. There is also a variety of  ways they can be spent in what you probably know as the 'Notes' tab. There are also things such as slayer tasks from Nieve that Credits can be used for.

What are the different ranks and how do I get them?

There are currently 5 tiers of membership, when purchasing credits your money donated will increase and once your total reaches a certain amount you will automatically be given the rank to match the amount you have donated.

regular.pngRegular Member - $10
super.pngSuper Member - $25
extreme.pngExtreme Member - $50
elite.pngElite Member - $100
sponsor.pngSponsor - $1000


What are the benefits of each rank?

The benefits listed for each rank also include those listed for the ranks below them.

regular.pngRegular Member

Access to the members area
Ability to ::yell

super.pngSuper Member

Able to set a custom yell title
2% drop rate bonus

extreme.pngExtreme Member

Ability to cancel slayer tasks for free
No cost to get a slayer task from Nieve
4% drop rate bonus

elite.pngElite Member 

Access to the elite member area
Ability to ::bank
6% drop rate bonus


Access to the sponsor area
Ability to plant mithril seeds
10% drop rate bonus
10% xp boost
No cost to restore special attack


What are Tetra Points?

Tetra Points are different to Tetra Credits. Tetra Points can only be earned by members by killing monsters that can be found in any of the members areas. Each members area has a Tetra Points shop, the higher the rank required to enter the area, the better the items are in the Tetra Points shop.

What is in the members area?

Skilling facilities with banks close by
Portals to member only bosses and Wyverns
Monsters to kill to earn Tetra Points
Range of different shops


What is in the elite members area?

Slayer monsters
Portals to elite member only bosses and Wyverns
Larger amount of skilling facilities
Monsters that give more Tetra Points
More shops

If you wish to donate you can visit the store by clicking here.


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